Mountain Bikes

I took up another hobby last year which is another reason I haven’t been taking photos as much as before.
 Here’s my fleet of mountain bikes!

Here’s some close up shots:



Biking rekindles fun memories of my childhood that’s why I enjoy it so much! Biking makes me feel young once again ;)

20% Off

The substructure of the Diocletian’s Palace is now used as a trading area for souvenirs.

While walking on the brick walled alleyway, I came across this stall which offers 20% discount for all their merchandise.

20% off

The following are the closer shots of the souvenirs for sale.








Bishop Gregory of Nin

Gregory of Nin was a Croatian Bishop during the medieval times. I took this photo of his statue outside of the Diocletian’s Palace.

Bishop Gregory

His toes are very prominent and intended to be just on the edge of the base of the statue.

The photo below explains why!

Gregory's Toe

I did rub the toe and I’m hoping that my wish to win the lottery will be granted! ;)

If you’ll have a chance to rub Bishop Gregory’s toe, what will you wish for?


I took this shot of the boat “Kapetanija” on the harbour of Split.

I used the Sony kits lens SAL1650/2.8 handheld.


Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian was a former Roman Emperor who settled in Split, which used to be part of the Roman province of Dalmatia. He built a massive palace there in preparation for his retirement around 305 AD. Yeah, that long time ago! I’m not gonna get too far about its history because I’m sure you’ll find it in google.
I had a chance to visit the remnants of the Diocletian’s Palace. The best way to prove that I was actaully there is a selfie! So here it is…

Diocletian Selfie