Apprenticeship – Car Carrier

Third quarter of 1992 marks my first tenure at sea….

As an 18-year old apprentice, anxious but full of dreams and aspirations, I joined my first ship at the Port of Fukuoka in Japan.

This is the HUAL Trader….

car carrier

She has a carrying capacity of 4,000 cars and designed with retractable decks to accommodate other cargoes such as lumber, yacht, CKDs, heavy equipment and military tanks. Yes, military gears from desert storm ops in the Persian Gulf.

My first Captain was Sigvart Jakobsen, a veteran Norwegian Master…

The HUAL Trader circumnavigated the world and made me experience lots of “first times” in my life.

She was sold to the US Marad and I stayed until her delivery at Virginia, USA.

The seven months spent onboard my first ship was unforgettable indeed!

I found this old print taken during my apprenticeship days and digitized it recently…


3 thoughts on “Apprenticeship – Car Carrier

    • that’s a good idea sir for my next post! 🙂 “crossing the line” tradition with neptunus rex!
      i’ll work on it as soon as i finish my end of month reports…. stay tuned 😉

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