Rainy Picnic

There is a famous English proverb that says “It never rains but it pours”

This is true during this time of year in the part of the world where I live .

Here is a photo I took last year while having a picnic with my family when it suddenly poured.


7 thoughts on “Rainy Picnic

    • Oh you do? I thought you have it as raining cats & dogs 🙂
      Nice to see you here again Suzanne! I was able to preview your posts on e-mail but my net connection prevented me to go into wordpress site. I have a lot of catching up to do 😉

      • Oh! That’s always a big task! I haven’t been around much to visit people…lots of birthday parties had to be planned in May and June…and now we’ ve had vicious storms that caused us to lose power..so I could only touch base now and again when my daughter was visiting..she was great and let me use her laptop.

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