Photowalk Along Rio de Janeiro

The sun finally shone yesterday and I had a chance to go for a photowalk along the busy streets of Rio de Janeiro. Street photography is challenging particularly when shooting strangers because you will not know how they will react. Being discreet is one of the technique from what I read. Therefore, I set my 75-300 Minolta zoom lens on my camera and here are some of the candid snapshots I had.

I took this shot of these guys waiting along the pedestrian lane at the junction of the shopping center.

This next one is along the canal crossing where people use the paddle boat to access the other side of the estuary to the beach front.

Then I spotted this teenagers kissing goodbye just before the boy embarked on the paddle boat.

After crossing the estuary, I headed towards the beach front. It was empty since it was windy and the waves was rather big. All I saw are these guys having a good laugh while taking each other’s photos.

Here’s the bus that goes towards the Copacabana

There is also a biking trail besides the main avenue

There are some benches along the sidewalk and I sat on one of them to discreetly shoot these strangers.

Only the birds I think will not mind me taking their photo so I was able to aim properly 🙂

I was also able to take some view along the beach and I will try to share them soon so stay tuned. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you liked my amateur shots. Cheers! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Photowalk Along Rio de Janeiro

  1. Your pictures came out fine considering the difficulty of taking pictures on the sly. 🙂 Maybe, you need to take some cue from the paparazzi. (Just kidding. They are a different breed entirely, I think).

  2. haha, i think the baby’s mommy saw you while you’re clicking, hehe! as always, your photos are nice.. and speaking of street photography, you’re absolutely correct, quite difficult to do it.. but i did mine while at the 2nd flr level, they didn’t see me taking shots, haha!

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